Welcome to Term Four

We have returned to the start of a very busy Term Four.  The Year Two level have a lot of great things to look forward to including celebrating their First Reconciliation and starting our water safety program.

Thank you to all the mums and dads who came to the Reconciliation Faith Night and families who attended the commitment Masses.  Hopefully at home in the coming weeks you can spend time together as a family talking about the Sacrament of Reconciliation – what is the difference between the different times we say sorry? what are examples of SINS? how do you ask for forgiveness? how do we show forgiveness? You might even like to ask mum and dad if they can remember their First Reconciliation.

This Friday we will have a special day focused completely on learning and thinking more about Reconciliation.

In Week One we had a big revision of all things about numbers.  We may have forgotten a few things.  At home it would be good to keep practicing writing 3 and 4 digit numbers, especially ones with zeros in them (like 2045, 560, 4902, etc).  Can you teach mum and dad about these symbols: <, > and = ?  Someone could write some numbers on slips of paper and time how quickly you can order them.  We also practiced adding and subtracting numbers on an empty number line.  You could keep doing some of these at home.  Any practice you do, bring in to show Mrs Sorockyj or me.

Aslo remember to keep up your nightly reading and filling in your reading journal.  It will not be long before you are in Grade Three and having to be responsible for a diary.  Having you Reading Journal handed in is good practice at being an independent learner!

The Year Twos Shine at the school performance

It is hard to believe that after so many weeks of learning, preparations & dance rehearsals, the 2016 School Performance is over.  We were so proud of the Year Two students.  Throughout Term Three they did some fantastic learning about Science, which we were then able to share in our act “Dare to Fail and to Succeed”.  All the students were focused and cooperative during the performance practices.  They helped us to come up with the moves for our four songs.  They listened to instructions, took on advice and encouraged each other.  Our actors were very well prepared and delivered their lines so clearly.  On both nights the students were excellent audience members during the first half before performing with enthusiasm and pizzaz! We could not be more proud of them… We dared to succeed and we certainly did…

Week 7, Term Three

Despite having to fit in plenty of practices for the upcoming school performance, we have still been busy doing lots of learning.  It was another great week in 2MS as we continue to make improved choices about the way we learn & work together.  This week we focused on the learning asset SELF MONITORING.  This way of thinking about how we learn will keep us on track & focused… (which allows us to do our best learning & have fun).

It was also great to have many mums and dads drop in on Thursday afternoon to our classroom.  They got to see how well we work in Daily Five groups.  You can be doing Read to Someone & Word Work practice at home too.

Mulitplication Posters

I just made a poster showing all the ways a multiplication fact can be represented:

FullSizeRender (3)

I would love you to make a poster for a different fact and bring it to school so we can make a display. How many posters will we get?

2016 2MS Potato Olympics

We have commenced our investigation into MEASUREMENT with the Potato Olympics.  Each coach created a Spudlete, which competed in three events.  Each event helped us to discover that when you measure you need to use a specific tool and each measurement has a name.  We measured weight in grams, on scales.  We measured distance (length) in centimetres, using a measuring tape.  We measured time in seconds, using a stopwatch.  We also had a lot of fun exploring and some laughs together…

Can you practice doing some measuring at home? Have you got some kitchen scales? Have you got a watch? What other measuring tools can you find around your house?

Reading & Writing Fables


Our next writing focus is going to be learning to write FABLES.  Fables are a great way to begin to explore the genre of Narrative.  This week we will start to explore the features and structures of FABLES by reading them in class.  As we read we are identifying 5 main elements: exposition (setting & characters), rising action, conflict, falling action and the moral (lesson).  You may like to read some fables at home together (these can be added to your nightly Reading Journal).  You can find some at this website: Fables for children

After reading you could complete an organiser: CommonCoreFablesGraphicOrganiser

Are you practicing multiplication at home?

We have discovered that there are many ways to show a multiplication fact: equal groups of, repeated addition, an array, and a number sentence (which has a turn around fact).

Here are some examples so mums & dads know what the different ways look like…

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 1.51.35 PM

3-multiplication-and-repeated-addition copymultiplythree-multiplication-expression-for-equal-group

Remember the first number in the fact represents how many groups (or how many times we have to add, or how many rows there will be) and the second number is what we are counting by (or adding repeatedly or will be in each group or in each row). Good luck!

Dare to Fail and to Succeed Performance

We are getting very excited about the school performance.  Today we have worked on three of our main songs and made some great choreography.  My arms are a bit sore from all the big dance moves.

We have one last song to make moves to: Try everything (from Zootopia)

Have a listen and a watch and see if you can come up with some easy moves…