Project Compassion

In Lent we are asked to think about ALMSGIVING.  In our classroom we have a Project Compassion Box.  The money we put in this box supports Caritas Australia in helping people all over the world.  In Nepal, Caritas has helped farmers learn about growing crops.  We watched a DVD about this and decided to explore how seeds grow.

Some of our seeds had light (but no water), some seeds had water (but no light) and some seeds had both water and light.  So what did we discover?



Welcome to 2M!


This year our theme is “Light Up Our World”.  This term we have been learning about how we can share our gifts to bring LIGHT  to everyone.  We have explored the Four B’s (Be Friendly, Be Respectful, Be a listener and Be Safe) and discovered how they help make our school a great place…

B letter with bees