Over weeks 5, 6 and 7 of Term Three, we explored lots of different types of measuring. We learnt about length, area, capacity and mass. The big mathematical understandings we practiced were:

• remembering that there are no gaps and no overlaps when you measure.
• making reasonable estimations of measurement.
• measuring by repeating the use of the same unit.
• and a measurement has a name and a number.

After we had explored different types of measuring we were ready for the POTATO OLYMPICS. Everyone brought a potato to school. We each gave our potato a name and designed a flag for them. Our potatoes were then ready to participate in some different events. There was the RAMP ROLL, the POTATO CATAPULT and the all important POTATO WEIGH IN. We also did some group challenges – how much did the potatoes weight altogether and what would the length of all our potatoes be if we lined them up. WE used different measuring tools, we graphed our results, we compared our results and we HAD LOADS OF FUN!

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