Cultural Infusion Incursion

On Friday the 4th of November, a group of different cultural entertainers came to our school.  We went to a Bollywood workshop, there were Chinese fans, a Chinese acrobat, Japanese drummers and finally an African drumming concert.

Cultural Infusion Incursion on PhotoPeach


7 thoughts on “Cultural Infusion Incursion

  1. The japan music was the best. I loved the druming. Thanks for letting us learn about different cultures it has been the best.

  2. All the things you put on the blog are soooo awesome. These are the best things I have ever seen. All your slideshows are legendary!!!

  3. How did you make the blog? It is awsome and also some of the videos are funny.I think the blog is cool . The best thing of all is learning about cultures.

  4. How did you make the blog because it is awesome?There are some funny bits in it.The blog is the best you can see in the world.I like the slide show it is LEGENDARY!!!Do you like having other diffrent cultures in our class? How many cultures are there in the whole entire school?

  5. My favourite where all of them but the stick and the plate and the chinese drumming were the best. I liked learning the bollywood dancing too. What did you like? The blog is cool.

  6. I think that we are very lucky to live in Australia because we have so many different cultures to learn about. It is so fun learning about different cultures.

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