Cultural Clothing Discovery Tour

On Friday the 11th of November, all the Grade Twos gathered to find out about the traditional clothing of some of the different cultures represented in our grades.  Some people wore their clothes, others had photos, there were dolls, masks and other artifacts too.  We were also lucky to be joined by some parents who helped explain some of the history behind the clothing or artifacts.

This was a great learning experience.


14 thoughts on “Cultural Clothing Discovery Tour

  1. What a fantastic slideshow! I wonder how many different cultures you have in your class? When I was at primary school I was the only student with an Italian background! I believe we can learn from each other and celebrate all the different cultures in our school! What do you think?

  2. The Traditional Clothes had in common the patterns. I wonder if there are no patterns in different Traditional clothes.

  3. Wow those costumes are awesome! I wonder how many cultures are in my class and the school? Wow the slideshow is awesome! 🙂

  4. I love the slideshow! I love learning about different cultures and different things from different cultures! I love the blog it is cool! I like how you have made the slide shows. how did you make the blog? how did you make the slideshows? I LOVE this blog.

  5. The culture every body has is very interesting.The slideshow was very good. How did you make it? I wonder how many cultures are in my class :)!!!

  6. I loved the slideshow about different clothing and different artefacts. How many different cultures are in 2m?I LOVE THE BLOG!

  7. I think it is great learning about different cultures. I love the clothing and artefacts. I love all of the slideshows. I love the blog.

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