2M in 2011: a celebration of us

This year the students in 2M have grown as learners, as friends and as members of our school community.  They have become more independent and responsible for their learning.  Every Friday we share our classroom with our classmate Anthony and from Anthony we have learnt more about being accepting and generous with our gifts.  2M is a legendary grade.  Thank you for all your great work!

St Mary’s Feast Day 2011

This week we have celebrated the Feast of the Immaculate Conception – the special feast where we remember how Mary trusted in God and said yes!

We gathered together to celebrate Mass on Thursday the 8th of December.  Then Friday the 9th was a FUN day.  We got to wear casual clothes, watched an interesting performance by the story teller “Aunty Peach”, created beautiful portraits of St Mary and had a sausage sizzle lunch!

It was a great way to celebrate belonging to St Mary’s school – a great school to come to everyday!