Learning to make a Rosary Keychain

An important action in Lent is prayer.  A very special prayer to Catholics is the rosary.  So in our grade we learnt to make a rosary keychain and then we learnt about praying the rosary.

To learn to make the key chain we had to persist.  When you are learning something new it is okay to feel frustrated and a little bit stressed.  It is important not to let these feelings take over.  We worked together to make sure everyone was successful in making a rosary keychain.

We enjoyed praying a decade of the rosary as our class prayer time. 

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We followed these instructions to make the rosary keychain and to pray the rosary: rosary_4_kids

  • Do you have your own pair of rosary beads?

  • Does anyone in your family have rosary beads? Where did they get them from?

  • How did you feel about making the rosary keychain? 

2 thoughts on “Learning to make a Rosary Keychain

  1. Making Rosary Keychains was hard but in the end we finally did it. From Jessica D

  2. I don’t have my own rosary beads. No body in my family has rosary beads. I felt a bit worried and stressed because it was tricky.
    from Emmerson

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