We can be teachers too…

 This term we have been learning about learning.  We now are using all these ideas to become teachers.

Spencer had a great idea to help younger students at our school learn the words to “Advance Australia Fair.”

Watch his video to find out what the words really are…

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Scroll down to the post about modelling 3-digit numbers.  Jessica and Amy teach how to make a set of cards to help us understand 3-digit numbers.


2 thoughts on “We can be teachers too…

  1. Dear Spencer and 2M,

    Thank you for teaching us the words to Advance Australia Fair. We really like it and we will watch it over and over so that we can learn all the tricky words.

    We think you are very, very good at it and we all really like your video. Emma says thank you for doing the song and Dean says thank you for teaching us.

    Love Prep W

  2. Great Job Spencer. It must have been fun filming the song. Lots of big people still get the words muddled up!
    from Paula, Spencer’s Mum

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