How to go on myclasses

In our classroom we use our myclasses page to learn and to practice our learning.  Alexandra really likes going on our myclasses page.  She has made a video so everyone at home knows how to find it.

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At home you will first need to type our school web address in.

Over the holidays you might like to check out the myclasses page to practice telling the time, place value, spelling and reading.

What is your favourite property box on the myclasses page?

2 thoughts on “How to go on myclasses

  1. Fantastic Alexandra! You did a great job explaining myclasses and how to locate it. I liked your comment at the end about ‘having fun learning’.
    You are a star.

  2. Thanks Mrs McC for the feedback. I also really liked how Alexandra reminded us about the importance of keeping our password private. It is important that we are being cybersafe. Good Job Alexandra,

    from Miss M

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