Learning to learn

In our inquiry this term we are learning about what it means to learn and how we can be great learners. We have found out about SWITCH ONs and SWITCH OFFs.  We used a survey to get some advice some expert learners (our parents):

Over the last two weeks have been exploring different styles of learning – VISUAL (words & pictures), AUDITORY (listening) & KINESTHETIC (moving & doing). When we want to learn something new we can use these styles to help us.

Today we focussed on learning how to tie shoelaces. We had some written instructions that had illustrations, we had some experts (people who already knew how to) and we watched some YouTube clips where we could watch someone doing it.

We discovered that there are lots of different ways to tie shoelaces.

This is us in action…

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How do you tie shoelaces? 


Who taught you?

If you still can’t do it by yourself – what will you do to try and learn?

Modelling 3-digit numbers

Over the last two weeks we have been exploring reading, ordering and modelling numbers.

To model numbers we bundled icy-pole sticks.

How many icy pole sticks make a bundle? What number is modelled here using the icy-pole sticks?

We used MAB blocks to model numbers.  What number is modelled here using MAB?

We also used Montessori cards.  The Montessori cards helped us understand about what happens to the zeros in a 3-digit number and that each digit holds a value.

So how do you make the cards?

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Here is a copy of the template:


Our Amazing Race: Recount Writing

Over the last few weeks we have been learning about writing recounts.  We have been learning about the importance of sequencing events, using time connectives and spelling words in past tense.   We have written personal recounts about our daily lives.  We wrote an imaginary recount about a story character called Alexander and used PowerPoint to publish them.

Then this week Mrs McMahon took us on an AMAZING RACE around the school.  We then used a composing sheet to get ready to write a recount about this race.

We are recording our recounts at the moment.  Stay posted to find out how we go at recounting the Amazing Race….

Luke’s Recount

 Jaikaar’s Recount

Emmerson’s Recount