Term Two Writing Update

In Year Two we work through a writing process: planning, composing, recording, editing/revising and publishing.

This term we have explored the text type of letter writing.  We read the book Flat Stanley, where the main character gets posted.  We learnt about how to send an email and things we need to do so we are being cybersafe.  Then we got a special mail delivery: letters from some children who are in grade two at a school in Reservoir.

We got very busy writing back to our new penfriends. We look forward to sending our letters.


To begin this term we have continued to explore ways to solve simple addition problems using a range of efficient mental and written strategies.  We have talked about using known facts, ten facts, counting on, using materials (like MAB) and how the order of the addends doesn’t change the total.

Here are some fun websites to help us practice increasing our adding speed and recognising addition facts:



Which game do you like better and why?