LaTrobe Uni WildLife Sanctuary Excursion

As part of our tuning into our Science learning this term, the grade 2s headed to a local sanctuary.  We discovered that there are three main types of habitats in a river red gum forest.  We heard frogs singing, we saw an emu poo, we learnt about fungi and had a great day together.  Thanks Anna, Diana and Sharyn for spending the day with us – it really was a beautiful day…

What was a new discovery you made on our excursion?

What was your favourite part?

3 thoughts on “LaTrobe Uni WildLife Sanctuary Excursion

  1. It is exciting to have the meal worms to observe. I am looking forward to seeing if they eat the apple!

  2. The fun and funniest part was when the emu pooped. It was a very very good joke about emus. I hope others enjoyed too!
    from Jaikaar

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