As part of our Science learning this term we are inquiring into life-cycles and observing changes so we can be better stewards of our local environment. 

(Being a steward is the special job God has given us to look after all of creation)

To help us do this we have WORMS! Well actually meal-worms are not really worms, as we are discovering.  We first predicted that these little creatures would grow into bigger worms, a bit like a centipede.  But this is not right!  They are going to grow and change into a beetle.  This process is called metamorphosis and we are going to learn more about this in the coming weeks.  At the moment we are closely monitoring the meal-worms and looking for changes.

The biggest change so far is the shedding of skin!

What else have you found out about meal-worms?

As we are learning about animals and their habitats we are asking more and more questions!

What makes an animal an insect? Do flies have antenna?  If insects have six legs, what is a snail? Do all animals that live in aquatic habitats lay eggs?

On our excursion, our leader Paul talked about how important bees are to the life-cycle of plants.  Does anyone know an expert on bees who might be able to explain this more to us?


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  1. Thanks Jess. I would still like to know the features an animal has to have to be classified as an insect….

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