Food Chains

To help us be better stewards of the animals we have been exploring we have been making discoveries about life cycles and features that help animals survive in their habitats.  We are discovering that everything in nature is connected.  One way to understand this is to learn about food chains.  We explored and created different food chains.  We found out that all food chains start with the sun giving energy to plants.  There are animals that eat those plants and so the chains begin…

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We then talked about what might happen if one part of the food chain is taken out.  We watched The Lorax to help us understand the impact of an ecosystem being disrupted…

What was the important message of The Lorax?

2 thoughts on “Food Chains

  1. hi 2m and miss morse
    I’ve played the food chain game. I learned that the mice eats the grass, the snake eats the mice, then the bird eats the snake. It’s sooooo awesome. It is on google and go and type food chain games then there you go
    by jaikaar

  2. the important message was don’t cut down so many trees because it makes air pollution which makes carbon dioxide and it also causes a loss of the animals habitat from jaikaar

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