Native Wildlife Project

Banyule is home to a wide range of native wildlife including:

 224 species of native birds

23 kinds of reptiles

22 mammal species

12 types of frogs

9 species of native fish

and an enormous number of invertebrates

Find out about some of these amazing animals that can be found living near our school…


Here are some of our fantastic projects…

 Lathams snipe. p.point

Spencer’s Project

Bullfrogs Powerpoint


5 thoughts on “Native Wildlife Project

  1. I can’t beleive that the Latham’s snipe’s beak is sooooo long! The Latham’s snipe migrates to the east coast of Australia in August and breeds in Japan.

    From Keanu.

  2. That is really interesting Keanu. I wonder who else has made some interesting discoveries?

  3. Hi Miss Morse and 2M
    The tiger snake is so dangerous it lives somewhere near Ivanhoe and Kew. It has got into some peoples houses and it has a problem and is vulnerable it is orange with black tiger stripes it eats lizard sometimes frogs in the wild it also gives birth to live young and is nocturnal a baby tiger snake’s name is a toad it might be wrong but I’ve researched. Thanks others for sharing

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