Maths: Money Week

In Week Ten our focus in maths is MONEY.  We are using the strategies we have been exploring for place value, addition & subtraction to solve problems using MONEY.  Today we discovered two new mathematical symbols:  < & >… greater than & less than.

When you write one of these symbols between two numbers you are comparing the value.  The closed end points to the smaller number and the other end opens up to the bigger number.

45 > 12 is read as 45 is greater than 12

34 < 96 is read as 34 is less than 96

We used these symbols to compare sets of coins…

To help remember which symbol is which we tried to visualise fish.  The fish always wants to eat the bigger number!

I wonder how many different ways you can make $2.  I can think of 4 ways straight away…

2 thoughts on “Maths: Money Week

  1. I can make $2.00 by using 1 two dollar coin, also 2 one dollar coins, 4 fifty cent coins and 40 five cents’s.

  2. Good work Jess! I wonder if anyone else can think of some more ways?

    Also if 40 five cent coins make $2, how many five cents are their in $1? And how did you work it out?

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