Pen Friend Update

We were so excited to receive a big envelope in the mail.  Inside were our first replies from our pen friends who belong to 2Gold.  The letters were full of answers to our questions, some interesting information about their learning and some questions for us to answer.  The Grade Twos from North Reservoir did a great job with their letters and we got busy writing back to them.  We hope to have our letters in the mail before we go on holidays.

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8 thoughts on “Pen Friend Update

  1. hi 2m, I enjoyed writing the letter to Francesco. I wonder if anyone else can tell me anything about their pen friend?

  2. That is a great question Jaikaar. I look forward to seeing who makes the next comment 🙂

  3. hi 2M, my pen pal’s name is jesse. He goes for the same team as me and is the same age as me!

  4. hi 2M,
    My penpal’s name is mickeala. She is the same age as me. She seems really nice. What are your penpals like? 🙂
    from yacinta !

  5. Hi 2M,

    My pen friends name is Theresa.
    She likes ice-cream and she is 7 too.

    From Jessica D

  6. Hi 2M,

    My pen frend is Alyssia. She is the same age as me. Alyssia is a very nice to write to.

    From Jessica M

  7. Hi Miss Morse and Year 2M.
    The children in 2 Gold were so excited to get your letters and to watch your slideshow. You are all so clever! We are working on letters to send back to you now, it has been a busy start to the term. I’m sure you have all been enjoying watching the Olympic games, we have been doing a lot of work about this wonderful event where the whole world comes together in friendship and good sportsmanship. Thanks for your fantastic letters and you will be hearing from us soon.

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