Being Cybersafe

Today 2M went to the computer Lab and had a lesson with Mrs Leone about how to change our passwords.  When we go onto the internet from now on we will have to use our new password which we have chosen ourselves.

What did you learn in the lab today about passwords and secure passwords?  What is the difference?

Why do we need a password when we go onto the internet at school?


The 2012 Potato Olympics

We have had a number of events so far…

We have had the great potato weigh in We used digital scales to measure the weight of our potatoes.  Mary B’s was the heaviest and Alexandra’s was the lightest.  You might like to practice weighing other fruit and vegetables in your kitchen at home using kitchen scales… We were measuring in grams.

We practice measuring length when we had the next event – the POTATO ROLL.  We discovered that the current world record for the long jump is for men: 8.95m and for women 7.52m.  We compared how far we can jump to these distances.  The world record lengths are amazing. We were using tape measures and measuring in metres and centimetres.

Alana suggested we could measure how long we could juggle potatoes for.

I wonder if anyone can find the world record for running the 100m running race and who holds the record?

What else can we use potatoes to help us to measure? Mums and dads might have some ideas for the next events

We have had some visitors from Belarus.  I wonder if Belarus has won any medals at the London Olympics? How could we find out? Where is Belarus?

The events have continued through the week…

Potato Olympics 2012 from Miss M on Vimeo.

Grandparents Day

July the 26th is the Feast day of St Anne & St Joachim.  Anne & Joachim are the parents of Mary and that makes them Jesus’ grandparents.  To celebrate this feast day we invited all our grandparents to a special Mass on Friday.  The church was FULL! After that the grandparents went to a morning tea, we opened the door of our classroom.  We showed our special visitors our blog and shared some of the Maths games we have enjoyed learning.  It was a great day!  Thanks to all the grandparents and parents who came to Mass or popped into the classroom.  Well done to everyone in 2M who made our visitors feel welcomed!

What is special about your grandparents?

Monster Description

I visited the blog called “A peek inside – the KD classroom”.  The students in that grade had been learning all about writing descriptions by writing about monsters.  It got me thinking that we could learn about writing descriptions the same way.  When you write a description you need to use a lot of ADJECTIVES so that the audience (the people who read your writing) can visualise what you are describing.

I have written a description of a monster.  After reading my writing, I would love you to draw what you think my monster looks like.

You can bring your drawings into class or perhaps take a photo and email it to me…

I wonder whose drawing will look the closest to the real thing?

A Monster Description

Good luck! 🙂

(By the way… what is an adjective?)


Our Gospel value this term is THANKFULNESS.  We want to raise our awareness about the simplicity but importance of saying thank you and being thankful!

What would you like to say thank you for today?

Who would you like to thank?

What has been a blessing today?

What are you grateful for?

I wonder how many comments of gratitude we will have added to this post by the end of the term?


Miss Costa shared the prayer with the teachers last night.  I thought it was perfect for our Gospel Value this term so I wanted to share it with all of you too…

God of Life, the light of your grace fills our days.  We give thanks for all the daily blessings we take for granted: water and bread; conversations and sharing ideas; morning and evening; family and friends.  Your love fills every moment.  May our lives quietly give thanks to you day after day.  through Christ, our Lord.  Amen.


This term many of the students in our grade will be preparing to celebrate their First Reconciliation.  This is a Sacrament that is all about RELATIONSHIPS.  It is about our relationship with God and with each other.  Over the coming weeks we will be learning about the impact of our choices on building relationships and making things right if we have let people down or hurt them.  We will reflect on how everyday we have opportunities to be like Jesus through our words and actions.  But for the times we don’t make the right choice the process of Reconciliation can help us make things right again.

To begin with we all created an artwork that represented how each one of us is a reflection of GOD in the world…

Reflections from Miss M on Vimeo.


Taking Action: Exposition Writing

During Term Two we discovered a lot of things about life-cycles, habitats, animal classification and the impact humans can have on the environment.  We discovered that there are a lot of animals that like to live in and around Greensborough.  Unfortunately not everyone is doing the right thing to look after the habitat of these animals.  As part of our inquiry we learnt about what happens to ALL the rubbish we drop on the ground at school.  We were not happy to find out the negative effect this can have on God’s creation.

During Literacy time we learnt about EXPOSITION texts.  This is a type of writing that we can use to help make people agree with a topic we are arguing for (or against).  We decided that we needed to write expositions to try and convince everyone at St Mary’s to stop dropping their rubbish on the ground and become better stewards.

Here are some examples of our writing.

Jessica’s Exposition

Giulia’s Exposition

Luke’s Exposition

We hope that you will think twice about littering and do the right thing by putting your rubbish in the bin!