Taking Action: Exposition Writing

During Term Two we discovered a lot of things about life-cycles, habitats, animal classification and the impact humans can have on the environment.  We discovered that there are a lot of animals that like to live in and around Greensborough.  Unfortunately not everyone is doing the right thing to look after the habitat of these animals.  As part of our inquiry we learnt about what happens to ALL the rubbish we drop on the ground at school.  We were not happy to find out the negative effect this can have on God’s creation.

During Literacy time we learnt about EXPOSITION texts.  This is a type of writing that we can use to help make people agree with a topic we are arguing for (or against).  We decided that we needed to write expositions to try and convince everyone at St Mary’s to stop dropping their rubbish on the ground and become better stewards.

Here are some examples of our writing.

Jessica’s Exposition

Giulia’s Exposition

Luke’s Exposition

We hope that you will think twice about littering and do the right thing by putting your rubbish in the bin!


One thought on “Taking Action: Exposition Writing

  1. Dear Miss M & 2M

    I loved the exposition writing from Jessica D, Giulia and Luke.

    From Jessica M

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