Our Gospel value this term is THANKFULNESS.  We want to raise our awareness about the simplicity but importance of saying thank you and being thankful!

What would you like to say thank you for today?

Who would you like to thank?

What has been a blessing today?

What are you grateful for?

I wonder how many comments of gratitude we will have added to this post by the end of the term?


Miss Costa shared the prayer with the teachers last night.  I thought it was perfect for our Gospel Value this term so I wanted to share it with all of you too…

God of Life, the light of your grace fills our days.  We give thanks for all the daily blessings we take for granted: water and bread; conversations and sharing ideas; morning and evening; family and friends.  Your love fills every moment.  May our lives quietly give thanks to you day after day.  through Christ, our Lord.  Amen.

24 thoughts on “THANKFULNESS

  1. Today I am thankful to all the people who greeted me this morning, on my walk around duty, with friendly smiles. It was a great way to start the day.

    Thank you.

  2. I am smiling and thankful today for the sunshine and blue sky!
    I am thankful for my family who love me and
    I am thankful for my friends who take me places and laugh with me!
    Look around and you will find lots to be thankful for too…..
    have fun!

  3. I am thankful that everyone in 2M is present at school today! We will all have a great day being together. Thank you!

  4. Hi 2m,
    I loved and loved doing this art work. I like to use water paint.
    I loved doing water paint with 2m and the best teacher called miss morse. I am thankful for day and night and also for my best grade 2m.

  5. Hi everyone,
    I am thankful for today. I hope everyone has a great sleep.
    See you tomorrow.

  6. Today I am thankful for all the year two students who are doing a wonderful job preparing for our performance. The dances are looking great

  7. Good evening 2m I am thankful for my great holiday at the cinemas watching a movie and going to the museum.

  8. Hi 2m,
    I am thankful that I have an awesome daphne tree and that all my camellia trees had great flowers.

    From Alexandra

  9. I am grateful that the sun was shining when I went for a walk this afternoon.

  10. Today we want to say thank you to all our grandparents.

    We say thank you to the grandparents and parents who could come and visit with us. It was a really good time to have some special visitors in our classroom and at our school Mass. We are grateful that they were able to come and spend time with us.

    Thank you for all the things grandparents do for us and our families.

    love Miss M and 2M

  11. I am grateful for a wonderful grandparents’ day at St Marys and I am especially grateful for my beautiful grandsons William and Sebastian.
    Maria, William’s grandma

  12. Thank you to the children who had extra potatoes to share with classmates who forgot. That was very generous and thoughtful! Thank you Alana, Alexandra, Giulia and Emmerson

  13. Hi
    Miss Morse & 2M

    Thank-you for a loving Family.
    I am also grateful for a nice warm bed on these cold winter nights.

    Love Jessica m

  14. I am thankful that today we have had over 1000 visitors to our blog!!!! That is so exciting 🙂 It is awesome that we have been able to share our learning and ideas with so many people. I hope our learning has helped other people…

  15. Today I’m thankful for my family and getting ready for school. This morning I’m thankful for my mum helping me look after Mackenzie. Remember to say thankyou!!!!!

  16. I’m thankful everyday for our dedicated teachers… I’m also thankful for the time and effort that goes into these blogs.. It’s great to see the kids enjoying their learning.. Thank you

    Simone. (Emmersons mum)

  17. We are VERY TEHANKFUL today beacuse we have discovered that we finally have some meal worms that have changed into a pupua. There are three so far and we are very excited! We can’t wait until we get a beetle…

  18. Today I am THANKFUL for a day off…
    because I am really tired (I had a party that’s probably why)!

    From Jessica D

  19. Hi Miss Morse 🙂

    I am thankful for my lovely day with all the grade 2’s and the parish people :). I would like to thank all the mum’s who helped and ESPESHALE the teachers .

    from Amy

  20. I am thankful for a wonderful day on our reconciliation retreat today too! It was such a fun time… Everyone did a great job – kids, mums & teachers

  21. I am thankful today for the warm sun and beautiful clear blue sky. I went for a run and it was so nice to feel the sun on my skin! Hope all the dads are being spoiled today. I am thankful for everything my dad does for me.

  22. It is nearly the end of this term. We have so much to be thankful for. Some of these things include:
    happy teachers
    nice and friendly friends
    fun happy days
    footy fun day
    for the weather starting to get more sunny
    making our first Reconciliation
    learning cool things in Maths like multiplication

    and for having a very smooth move into our new classroom!

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