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I visited the blog called “A peek inside – the KD classroom”.  The students in that grade had been learning all about writing descriptions by writing about monsters.  It got me thinking that we could learn about writing descriptions the same way.  When you write a description you need to use a lot of ADJECTIVES so that the audience (the people who read your writing) can visualise what you are describing.

I have written a description of a monster.  After reading my writing, I would love you to draw what you think my monster looks like.

You can bring your drawings into class or perhaps take a photo and email it to me…

I wonder whose drawing will look the closest to the real thing?

A Monster Description

Good luck! 🙂

(By the way… what is an adjective?)

7 thoughts on “Monster Description

  1. Hello Miss Morse and students of 2 M,
    An adjective is a describing word.
    Good luck drawing your monster pictures.
    I like reading all the comments and posts on this blog. Well done!

  2. Thanks Irene & Spencer: adjectives are words that describe nouns. What are some examples of adjectives that could describe a monster?

  3. Hi 2m,
    The monster description was great!

    What is your favorite descriptive word?

    I hope you have fun drawing!
    From alexandra

  4. A descriptive word for a monster is hairy. An adjective tells you what something is like.

  5. Well done to the students who attempted to draw the monster. We all agreed that everyone did a great job following the description. We think Jessica M’s drawing was the closest. Good one Jess 🙂

  6. Brooke has made this comment:

    2m is writing about monsters and we are doing the setting. I am doing the
    rainforest and miss morse liked the owl sentence
    from brooke

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