The 2012 Potato Olympics

We have had a number of events so far…

We have had the great potato weigh in We used digital scales to measure the weight of our potatoes.  Mary B’s was the heaviest and Alexandra’s was the lightest.  You might like to practice weighing other fruit and vegetables in your kitchen at home using kitchen scales… We were measuring in grams.

We practice measuring length when we had the next event – the POTATO ROLL.  We discovered that the current world record for the long jump is for men: 8.95m and for women 7.52m.  We compared how far we can jump to these distances.  The world record lengths are amazing. We were using tape measures and measuring in metres and centimetres.

Alana suggested we could measure how long we could juggle potatoes for.

I wonder if anyone can find the world record for running the 100m running race and who holds the record?

What else can we use potatoes to help us to measure? Mums and dads might have some ideas for the next events

We have had some visitors from Belarus.  I wonder if Belarus has won any medals at the London Olympics? How could we find out? Where is Belarus?

The events have continued through the week…

Potato Olympics 2012 from Miss M on Vimeo.

Grandparents Day

July the 26th is the Feast day of St Anne & St Joachim.  Anne & Joachim are the parents of Mary and that makes them Jesus’ grandparents.  To celebrate this feast day we invited all our grandparents to a special Mass on Friday.  The church was FULL! After that the grandparents went to a morning tea, we opened the door of our classroom.  We showed our special visitors our blog and shared some of the Maths games we have enjoyed learning.  It was a great day!  Thanks to all the grandparents and parents who came to Mass or popped into the classroom.  Well done to everyone in 2M who made our visitors feel welcomed!

What is special about your grandparents?