Grandparents Day

July the 26th is the Feast day of St Anne & St Joachim.  Anne & Joachim are the parents of Mary and that makes them Jesus’ grandparents.  To celebrate this feast day we invited all our grandparents to a special Mass on Friday.  The church was FULL! After that the grandparents went to a morning tea, we opened the door of our classroom.  We showed our special visitors our blog and shared some of the Maths games we have enjoyed learning.  It was a great day!  Thanks to all the grandparents and parents who came to Mass or popped into the classroom.  Well done to everyone in 2M who made our visitors feel welcomed!

What is special about your grandparents?

3 thoughts on “Grandparents Day

  1. Hi 2m,
    I had a nice grandparents day! I am very thankful for them.

    A grandparent is someone nice to have around.
    Happy past grandparents day!

    Form alexandra

  2. I had one of the best days on July 26th. I’m very grateful for my grandparents because they are very nice. My grandparents are special because they take me to places. Hope you had a good grandparents day !!!!!!!

  3. We had a lovely day with the children.. Was great fun to sit down and play some games with them. The smiles on their faces was priceless!! Thank you for having us in your class.

    Emmersons Nan & Pop

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