The 2012 Potato Olympics

We have had a number of events so far…

We have had the great potato weigh in We used digital scales to measure the weight of our potatoes.  Mary B’s was the heaviest and Alexandra’s was the lightest.  You might like to practice weighing other fruit and vegetables in your kitchen at home using kitchen scales… We were measuring in grams.

We practice measuring length when we had the next event – the POTATO ROLL.  We discovered that the current world record for the long jump is for men: 8.95m and for women 7.52m.  We compared how far we can jump to these distances.  The world record lengths are amazing. We were using tape measures and measuring in metres and centimetres.

Alana suggested we could measure how long we could juggle potatoes for.

I wonder if anyone can find the world record for running the 100m running race and who holds the record?

What else can we use potatoes to help us to measure? Mums and dads might have some ideas for the next events

We have had some visitors from Belarus.  I wonder if Belarus has won any medals at the London Olympics? How could we find out? Where is Belarus?

The events have continued through the week…

Potato Olympics 2012 from Miss M on Vimeo.

7 thoughts on “The 2012 Potato Olympics

  1. To 2m,
    I am very excited to bring a potato to school. I like having a fun maths lesson.I am watching the olympics and Australia got a gold metal.

    from Alexandra

  2. I found out that zimbabwe is in Africa. It was fun and exiting to start the potato olympics. I loved to draw our potato flag. I drew the United States of America. I wonder what other people drew on their flag?

  3. The potato Olympics have been fun so far but it was the best when we did the rolling but we had no idea who won.

  4. Hello!

    I am visiting Miss Morse from my new home in Toowoomba & she mentioned that she’d posted a question on the blog about Belarus. I love looking things up so… here are my favourite facts about Belarus…

    – Belarus is a land locked country (so no beach holidays I’m afraid!). It shares borders with Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania & Latvia
    – Its capital city is called Minsk
    – 9.49 million people live in Belarus
    – Over 40% of Belarus is forested and agriculture is its primary industry… (although they also export tractors and they don’t grow on trees!)

    Miss Morse says that’s too many facts – till next time…


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