Being Cybersafe

Today 2M went to the computer Lab and had a lesson with Mrs Leone about how to change our passwords.  When we go onto the internet from now on we will have to use our new password which we have chosen ourselves.

What did you learn in the lab today about passwords and secure passwords?  What is the difference?

Why do we need a password when we go onto the internet at school?


5 thoughts on “Being Cybersafe

  1. Hi 2m,

    You need a password because if you don’t have a secure password, someone might guess your password easily. Then you might have emails you don’t need or people can go into your email without your permission.

  2. Hi two M ,

    We need a password because we don’t want anyone getting in our business. The difference between a password and a secure password is that a secure password is very private. A password is something that people know. We had a very fun time learning how to change our passwords so we are safe online. Don’t forget your new password !!!!!!! by Emmerson

  3. I learnt that we had to change our password so no body can pretend to be us and also Mrs Leone said that passwords are to always be kept as private information so that we are safe.

  4. On Monday in the computer lab I learnt that you can put a capital letter and a symbol in the password to make it more secure.

    From Taj

  5. Well Done Taj, Jaikaar, Emmerson & Alexandra. You really listened carefully in the computer lab yesterday. You have learnt some important things that will help you stay cybersafe!

    Everyone in 2M, remember it is a big responsibility to have been given an email account and we need to all do the right thing.

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