Our Reconciliation Retreat Day

On Thursday all the Year Twos went to the Old Shire Offices to share a day of prayer, reflection and craft as part of our learning about Reconciliation.  We listened to stories from the bible, made a bracelet to remind us of the 4 steps of reconciliation, participated in some role playing and decorated a footprint with our name.  The footprints remind us that we all can take steps forward to make things right.

It was a great day and we were very thankful to all the parents we came and spent time with us.  Lunch was especially yummy!  Thanks to the cooks & servers.

We also had a surprise visitor who wanted us to share our lunch with him.  Have you told mum & dad about this very excited visitor?  Who was it?

We ended our day learning a special song.  A part of each of the Reconciliation services we will share the song “Every move I make.”  The words of this song remind us that everyday we can make choices to be like Jesus.  You can practice the moves at home…

Every Move I Make – YouTube

Multiplication Mathematicians

We are exploring MULTIPLICATION.

Before we learn to recall time table facts it is important that we understand that multiplication is about:

  • Equal groups
  • Counting patterns
  • Repeated addition

We also have discovered that multiplication has a commutativity property (the Makenah trick) and can be represented using array.

I wonder if you can explain to your parents what an array is and what the Makenah trick is?

Can you make and label some arrays on grid paper?


Check out this website to make some arrays:


Reconciliation in the bible – following Jesus

Jesus teaches us about the importance of reconciliation – making our relationships right when we have made choices that have hurt ourselves, others and God.  Jesus teaches us by what he did and also in the stories he told.

Can you retell two of these stories in your own words?

Zacchaeus Story to finish

The Lost Son Parable to finish

What are the FOUR STEPS that help us make things right when we have made poor choices?

Stewards of Greensborough

All our hard work and dedication to rehearsal has paid off!  The week of the school performance “One Heart” has come and gone.  The Year Two contribution to the show was OUTSTANDING! All the Year Two teachers were so proud of how well everyone performed and behaved on both nights.  A big thank you to the mums (and grandmas) who helped make our costumes.  They looked wonderful.  We had such a great time being part of the school concert!

What was your favourite part?  Who would you like to THANK?


Meal Worm update…

We had almost given up hope that any of our meal worms were going to fulfill their destiny but our patience has paid off!  On Friday, Spencer spotted a CHANGE in his container – one of his meal worms had finally become a pupa.  We were all so excited and discovered two more.

Now the waiting continues for the next change… How long before we actually get a beetle? What is your prediction?