Stewards of Greensborough

All our hard work and dedication to rehearsal has paid off!  The week of the school performance “One Heart” has come and gone.  The Year Two contribution to the show was OUTSTANDING! All the Year Two teachers were so proud of how well everyone performed and behaved on both nights.  A big thank you to the mums (and grandmas) who helped make our costumes.  They looked wonderful.  We had such a great time being part of the school concert!

What was your favourite part?  Who would you like to THANK?


6 thoughts on “Stewards of Greensborough

  1. I loved performing on the stage: thank you to Mr Geyer, Mrs Leone, Miss Morse And Mrs McMahon. Good job year 2’s! (from Spencer)
    ONE HEART!!!!

  2. Performing on stage was really FUN!!!!!!!!

    I’d like to thank Mr Geyer,and Mrs leone. And all the people who made the grade two costumes. I’d also like to thank Miss Morse and Mrs McMahon and Ms whiting, Mrs smith and thank you to Miss Cardillo for organizing the dances.

  3. My favourite part of the performance was when we did salt water. I would really like to thank all the mums who made the costumes especially Trish because I was a steward. Also I thank all the teachers who made up the actions!! From Emmerson

  4. Loved your performance guys.. You all must have had so much fun practising for it.. My favourite bit was your flashing rings !! Very effective they looked great..

    Emmerson’s mum

  5. My favourite part was the audience reaction to TNT! I loved that everyone clapped and joined in. I was so PROUD of all the Grade Two students. I thought you did a wonderful job learning the dances and performing on the stage. Well Done.

  6. My favorite part was when the scientists went behind the butterflies with their magnifying glass the audience laughed on that part. I liked the grade 3 performance as well by jaikaar

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