Multiplication Mathematicians

We are exploring MULTIPLICATION.

Before we learn to recall time table facts it is important that we understand that multiplication is about:

  • Equal groups
  • Counting patterns
  • Repeated addition

We also have discovered that multiplication has a commutativity property (the Makenah trick) and can be represented using array.

I wonder if you can explain to your parents what an array is and what the Makenah trick is?

Can you make and label some arrays on grid paper?


Check out this website to make some arrays:

5 thoughts on “Multiplication Mathematicians

  1. that’s right Jess but what does that mean? For example if I made the array of 3 rows with 4 in each row (3×4). What would I change my array into if I used the Makenah trick?

  2. Spot of Jess – either way I would have 12. What would be different the array or I would be counting by 3s or 4s. You are a great mathematician Jessica 🙂

  3. It was really fun doing the multiplication!!! It was a clever idea the makenah trick … Emmerson

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