Our Reconciliation Retreat Day

On Thursday all the Year Twos went to the Old Shire Offices to share a day of prayer, reflection and craft as part of our learning about Reconciliation.  We listened to stories from the bible, made a bracelet to remind us of the 4 steps of reconciliation, participated in some role playing and decorated a footprint with our name.  The footprints remind us that we all can take steps forward to make things right.

It was a great day and we were very thankful to all the parents we came and spent time with us.  Lunch was especially yummy!  Thanks to the cooks & servers.

We also had a surprise visitor who wanted us to share our lunch with him.  Have you told mum & dad about this very excited visitor?  Who was it?

We ended our day learning a special song.  A part of each of the Reconciliation services we will share the song “Every move I make.”  The words of this song remind us that everyday we can make choices to be like Jesus.  You can practice the moves at home…

Every Move I Make – YouTube