Our Reconciliation Retreat Day

On Thursday all the Year Twos went to the Old Shire Offices to share a day of prayer, reflection and craft as part of our learning about Reconciliation.  We listened to stories from the bible, made a bracelet to remind us of the 4 steps of reconciliation, participated in some role playing and decorated a footprint with our name.  The footprints remind us that we all can take steps forward to make things right.

It was a great day and we were very thankful to all the parents we came and spent time with us.  Lunch was especially yummy!  Thanks to the cooks & servers.

We also had a surprise visitor who wanted us to share our lunch with him.  Have you told mum & dad about this very excited visitor?  Who was it?

We ended our day learning a special song.  A part of each of the Reconciliation services we will share the song “Every move I make.”  The words of this song remind us that everyday we can make choices to be like Jesus.  You can practice the moves at home…

Every Move I Make – YouTube

5 thoughts on “Our Reconciliation Retreat Day

  1. Your Reconciliation retreat day sounds wonderful and I’m glad that a yummy lunch was included. I would love to know who the surprise visitor was, so perhaps someone from 2m could tell me via this blog. I have been on a holiday and I have had many yummy lunches. There are children here from all around the world, I have heard them counting in many languages and playing games.

  2. It was a great day, the children really enjoyed lunch as did the visitor. The visitor was a big black wet dog! The children thought it was very funny. Thank you for making me feel very welcome.

    From Tess (Max’s Mum)

  3. It was our pleasure Tess!

    Now I wonder who will be the next person to tell my mum something about our retreat day? (Or you could ask her a question:) ). Have a great weekend…

  4. I know we had another surprise visitor – it was Mrs Anderson our principal.
    from Alana

  5. Irene how did your holiday go? It sounds like fun. We had two visitors: a black wet puffy dog and mrs Anderson. We made our own bracelets with miss Cardilo. We made little role plays with mrs Witing, with miss morse we did some colouring and with mrs McMahon we did some writing. Bye for now.. Emmerson

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