End of Term Three Games Day

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Today was the last day of Term Three.  Since the middle of this term 2M have been working together to fill a chart of Judy Moody band-aides. We would get to colour in a band-aide every time the whole class was doing the right thing as learners.  As we moved into our new room this week we got to colour in the last two band-aides. To celebrate we had a games afternoon. This reward was a way to say thank you to everyone in 2M who works hard, follows the classroom rules and makes our classroom a great place to learn! Well done and have a wonderful holiday 🙂


Today everyone at our school came wearing the colours of their favourite footy team.   We decided to take this opportunity to be FOOTY MATHEMATICIANS.

First we organised ourselves into a human bar graph:

We then asked each other questions to help analyse  the data from the graph. 

Can you answer some of our questions:

  • How many more people support Carlton than Melbourne?
  • Which team has the least number of supporters?
  • How many more people would need to start barracking for Richmond to make them equal with Hawthorn?
  • How many people in total barrack for St Kilda and Essendon?

Can you think of some more questions about our graph?

Safety Walk

On Friday we went for a walk around our school on the search for things that keep us safe and possible dangers.

We discovered there are lots of things that keep us safe (tell mum & dad about the yellow paint on the ground).  We also discovered that a lot of things that could be a danger are in areas that are OUT OF BOUNDS.  When we got back to the classroom we talked about what this means and why an area is made out of bounds.  Not going into these areas is a choice we can make to the right thing for our safety.

At home there are lots of things that help to keep you safe too.  How many smoke alarms does your house have? What other things are at your house (inside and outside) that keep you and your family safe?  Talk to mum & dad about this – they might have some ideas that we haven’t thought of 🙂



Revising Strategy

After we finish recording a piece of writing, we need to edit and revise.  We do this to make sure our writing can be read and that our message is clear.  Editing is about checking spelling & punctuation.  Revising is about making sure our writing sounds great.  It can be hard to revise.  This week we explored 6 DIFFERENT WAYS TO CHANGE A SENTENCE. This strategy helped us think about different ways we can improve a sentence (without changing the meaning).

6 different ways to change a sentence

You can have another practice at home:


People in the Community keep us SAFE

We are finding out about how people in the community help to keep us safe and what we can do to keep ourselves safe.  When we are safe we are doing the right thing!

We have invited some guest speakers from the community to talk to us.  We have welcomed a police officer, an educator from the RACV who talked to us about road & pedestrian safety and a firefighter to our school.  We are thankful to all our guest speakers.  They have shared some very important information with us.

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What are some of the things they have told us we can do to keep ourselves safe?

Who else helps to keep us SAFE? And how?


Location Language

In Maths at the moment we are focusing on using location language.  We are practicing:

  • Using everyday location words to follow and give oral directions involving several steps
  • Using left and right to describe position of objects in relation to self & other objects
  • Locating, following and describing short paths on simple maps, mazes or models

Today we played “Copy Cats”.  Can you explain to mum or dad what we had to do?  What location words did you use?

Here is the grid we used.  You could play a game against someone at home…


What are some games you have at home where you have to understand & use location words when you play?

Happy Father’s Day

During the week we have been talking about all the reasons we love our dads.  Many of our dads were able to come to the Father’s Day breakfast on Wednesday morning and some then stayed for a special Father’s Mass.  We each created an artwork for our own dad as a special gift for Father’s Day 2012.

We are THANKFUL for all the things our dads do and the things we get to do with them…

Do you have a special message for your dad? I wonder if there are any dads who have a message for us?