Happy Father’s Day

During the week we have been talking about all the reasons we love our dads.  Many of our dads were able to come to the Father’s Day breakfast on Wednesday morning and some then stayed for a special Father’s Mass.  We each created an artwork for our own dad as a special gift for Father’s Day 2012.

We are THANKFUL for all the things our dads do and the things we get to do with them…

Do you have a special message for your dad? I wonder if there are any dads who have a message for us?

3 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day

  1. The things I get to do with my dad are to help him work outside and play with him. I love my DAD!

  2. I liked amy and guilia’s dad art work and also i liked max and william’s as well. I hope everyone had a lovely father’s day. The song in the background is a song that we sing at church. The singer’s name is john burland. I wonder who else can make a comment also. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!!

  3. I liked when spencer gave me the fathers day stick figure.
    I hope every dad had a good fathers day.
    from Ben (spencer’s dad)

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