Term Four Gospel Value

So far this year we have talked about being like Jesus by being WELCOMING, having a positive ATTITUDE and by being THANKFUL.  In term four our focus is on BELONGING.

How did Jesus make people feel like they belonged? How can we show that we belong? What are some ways we can make people feel like they belong?  What does it mean to belong to a group?

Happy Holidays

Hi 2M!  I hope you are all enjoying a restful and fun holiday.  The weather sure is warming up.

What have you been doing? Add a comment and let me know.  Next week in Reading we all get a chance to share one holiday moment so you might like to start thinking about what you will share with the grade…

I am also wondering if any mums & dads have found any interesting olden day objects (I hope so 🙂 ).  I searched my dad’s garage and found this…

Do you know what it is? What we use now instead? How old it might be?

I hope you have been reading.  I am reading a book called “A Thousand Splendid Suns”.

You might like to have a look at some of the maths posts on the blog to practice some of the concepts we have learnt so far this year…

Can you spell & read all these words? Oxford_Wordlist

See you soon,

Miss M