The History Box Incursion

On Friday we had a very informative and exciting incursion to help us get tuned into becoming HISTORY DETECTIVES.  We were joined by Barry and Cynda from The History Box.  They bought with them so many examples of things that have CHANGED OVER TIME.  We got to dress up, be archaeologists, practice writing with a quill and ink, play games, dance and explore many interesting artefacts.  We had so much fun being historians.

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What was your favourite part?

What interesting things did you learn?

Do you have any new wonderings that we could research?


Our maths focus to begin this term is DIVISION.  Division is the sharing or grouping a number into equal parts.  In a division equation this first number is the total being divided then there is the division symbol.  The next number is the number that will divide the total.  the answer is the result of the dividing.  It is called the quotient.

There are two symbols used for division: and

I wonder if anyone can find out what is the mathematical name for this

Like in mulitplication, we can use arrays to help us visuslise and solve division problems:

Here is a fun game to help practice division facts… Start with level One