What was life like in our parents and grandparents day?

We have started to find out about how things have changed over time.  We know lots of experts – our parents & grandparents & our great-grandparents.  When we ask someone questions this is called an interview.  Everyone in Year Two has been asked to interview someone in their family about what life was like in the past, especially what it was like when they were at school. We want to be able to compare what school was like when they were in Grade Two to what is like for us now.

I know there are lots of mums & dads (and hopefully some grandparents) who follow our blog.

Do you have a school memory you could share with us about what school was like in the past?







Today Mrs Dickson came and shared how her life has changed over time.  She told us some very interesting things about what life was like when she was growing up. We want to say a big thank you to Mrs Dickson for helping us discover some new things and for sharing some stories about how our school has changed a lot since being built in 1955.


French Knitting and other old fashioned toys, games & craft…

Doing craft is a fun way to spend leisure time and in the past children spent a lot of time playing with home made toys, games or doing craft.

During Week 2 in reading we made our own French knitting machine.  This website explains how to make the machine and use it: http://sewnupstuckdown.blogspot.com.au/2010/02/french-knitting-tutorial-and-how-to.html

I wonder if our mums, dads or grandparents have some suggestions of other games, crafts or toys we could learn about or find out how to make?

I remember making friendship bands for my friends.  We made them from cotton and used a weaving technique.  Olivia from Grade Three taught me a new way to make friendship bands and I wanted to share this with 2M.  Here are the instructions we followed in class..