French Knitting and other old fashioned toys, games & craft…

Doing craft is a fun way to spend leisure time and in the past children spent a lot of time playing with home made toys, games or doing craft.

During Week 2 in reading we made our own French knitting machine.  This website explains how to make the machine and use it:

I wonder if our mums, dads or grandparents have some suggestions of other games, crafts or toys we could learn about or find out how to make?

I remember making friendship bands for my friends.  We made them from cotton and used a weaving technique.  Olivia from Grade Three taught me a new way to make friendship bands and I wanted to share this with 2M.  Here are the instructions we followed in class..




3 thoughts on “French Knitting and other old fashioned toys, games & craft…

  1. We made parachutes for toy soldiers and stones. We used Dads hankies and string and would stand somewhere high to see if they would float.

  2. When I was your age, we used to make pom poms out of wool and cardboard.
    We would play games with them. We also made little people from pegs.
    We spent most days outside making mud pies and daisy chains to wear.

    from Louise (Amy’s mum)

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