Brainwaves – A Grade Two Production

There is one thing that keeps coming up as the biggest change over time: TECHNOLOGY.  When many of our grandparents were our age they were living in a house without electricity.  Some had no inside toilet and no hot water!  They had no television and like Keith kept telling us there were many things that “WEREN’T INVENTED”…

For our Rich Assessment Task we are working in researching a type of technology that has made a difference to our lives.

Our TV show “Brainwaves” has been in production for the last few weeks.  We are now very excited to share all the episodes…

Brainwaves Intro from Miss M on Vimeo.

The Refridgerator from Miss M on Vimeo.

The camera from Miss M on Vimeo.

The Vacuum Cleaner from Miss M on Vimeo.

The telephone from Miss M on Vimeo.

Radio Over Time from Miss M on Vimeo.

The Washing Machine from Miss M on Vimeo.

Computers from Miss M on Vimeo.

Money from Miss M on Vimeo.

Television from Miss M on Vimeo.

The toilet from Miss M on Vimeo.

Oral History Retells

All the Year Two students have been being historians.  We have been collecting information about the past and exploring how things have changed over time.  One of our tasks was to interview a family member about their childhood memories.  We used our interview notes to create an oral history poster.  We had to summarise our notes and organise our information into paragraphs.  We learned how to make text boxes and used a rubric to keep us on track.

Our Oral History Retells

Some things are very different and some things are the same.

What things have not changed over time?

Mission Revision

It is coming to the time of Grade Two where we are starting to see that all our learning is connected.  We are using our reading more and more in our learning; knowing about multiplication helped us learn about division; we have been using addition when playing chance games; we are writing biographical retells in Inquiry learning time.  It is exciting what great learners and thinkers we have become!

It is also important to remember to keep practicing our skills so we can have them ready whenever we need them…





Word Tic-Tac-Toe copy

Word Tic-Tac-Toe Recording Sheet copy

Practise inserting images into a PowerPoint by finding the “NOW” images to match our “THEN” objects…

Our history mystery objects


History Detectives – Guest Speakers

We have been very lucky to be joined by some guest speakers who have helped us understand how life has changed over time.  We have especially been trying to find out what life was like for our guest speakers when they were in Grade Two.

First we were joined by Keith and Irene (they are Miss M’s parents).  Keith spoke to the boys and Irene spoke to the girls.  They both were in Grade 2 in the 50s.  Next Andy (Heath’s dad) came and talked to us.  He was in Grade Two in the 70s.  Paula (Spencer’s mum) was out last guest speaker.  She was in Grade 2 in the 80s and she went to our school.  She told us that there are still some of the same teachers and our classroom was her classroom!

What are some things about school and life that have changed in the last 50 years?

What are some things about school and life that have not changed very much?

What were some things that are hard for us to imagine?