History Detectives – Guest Speakers

We have been very lucky to be joined by some guest speakers who have helped us understand how life has changed over time.  We have especially been trying to find out what life was like for our guest speakers when they were in Grade Two.

First we were joined by Keith and Irene (they are Miss M’s parents).  Keith spoke to the boys and Irene spoke to the girls.  They both were in Grade 2 in the 50s.  Next Andy (Heath’s dad) came and talked to us.  He was in Grade Two in the 70s.  Paula (Spencer’s mum) was out last guest speaker.  She was in Grade 2 in the 80s and she went to our school.  She told us that there are still some of the same teachers and our classroom was her classroom!

What are some things about school and life that have changed in the last 50 years?

What are some things about school and life that have not changed very much?

What were some things that are hard for us to imagine? 


5 thoughts on “History Detectives – Guest Speakers

  1. There are some things that I should have mentioned on Friday, like: We ran under sprinklers when it was hot. We played in the local creek beds looking for creatures, we built bike jumps and we climbed trees and built cubbies.
    We played with Skateboards, riding them down the big hills in the local streets. We also played games called ‘sticks’, elastics and cards.
    I also forgot to mention that we used something called an overhead projector in the classroom – Miss M can explain that to you.
    We watched the Brady Bunch and Hey Hey it’s Saturday too.

    Thankyou for inviting me into your class 2M.

  2. We loved Hey Hey it’s Saturday at our house and The Early Bird Show! Marty the monster was so funny. And what about Simon Townsend’s Wonder World?

    I loved playing jacks and I can remember being so thankful when I finally got a Cabbage Patch doll. Mine was called Andrea Fern.

    I can also remember getting money from the tooth fairy (usually 20 cents or 50 cents – never paper money) and going to the milk bar to spend it. I wonder if there are any mums and dads who could tell us about what could be bought at the milkbar back in the day 🙂 ?

  3. You have been very lucky students to have guest speakers share their memories of school and the games they played when they were your age and in Grade 2. Listening to people tell their stories is a great way to learn. I wonder what stories you will tell in the future about being in 2M at St Mary’s in 2012?

  4. 2m have been very lucky to have guest speakers. They had very good information. I loved all the guest speakers. I love learning about the past. by Brooke and Charli [my sister]

  5. hurbert cecil booth invented the electric vacuum cleaner and daniel hess invented the non electric vacuum cleaners this may be different from ashleigh’s research but i know that emmerson is researching on vacuum cleaners with cormac and they found these inventors too.

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