Mission Revision

It is coming to the time of Grade Two where we are starting to see that all our learning is connected.  We are using our reading more and more in our learning; knowing about multiplication helped us learn about division; we have been using addition when playing chance games; we are writing biographical retells in Inquiry learning time.  It is exciting what great learners and thinkers we have become!

It is also important to remember to keep practicing our skills so we can have them ready whenever we need them…





Word Tic-Tac-Toe copy

Word Tic-Tac-Toe Recording Sheet copy

Practise inserting images into a PowerPoint by finding the “NOW” images to match our “THEN” objects…

Our history mystery objects


One thought on “Mission Revision

  1. Hi 2M,
    Spencer has told me all about your parachute building adventures. I think that my memory of building these had them flying a little more successfully! oops, sometimes the way you remember things are a little better than what actually happens……I hope you had fun building them 🙂 Paula

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