A time to reflect

The last week of Grade Two is upon us.  It has been a great year in 2M.  We have done a lot of learning, shared many laughs and had lots of wonderful experiences together.  We have grown and changed (well Miss M hasn’t gotten any taller – in fact she feels a lot shorter than she did at the start of the year!:) ).

Here is a look at how much we have changed…

What is a favourite memory you have of this year?

History Detectives – Reflection

This term we have been history detectives.  We have explored, researched and inquired into what and how things and life  have changed over time.  We have made some really interesting discoveries about our family and about inventions.  Our rich assessment task also challenged us to think about if changes to technology have made life better.

On this journey Miss M found this quote:

“Things change but what we value doesn’t”

What do you think that means?  Do you agree? Can you give some examples?

Let’s hope we get lots of responses to this post… (please:) )

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