History Detectives – Reflection

This term we have been history detectives.  We have explored, researched and inquired into what and how things and life  have changed over time.  We have made some really interesting discoveries about our family and about inventions.  Our rich assessment task also challenged us to think about if changes to technology have made life better.

On this journey Miss M found this quote:

“Things change but what we value doesn’t”

What do you think that means?  Do you agree? Can you give some examples?

Let’s hope we get lots of responses to this post… (please:) )

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3 thoughts on “History Detectives – Reflection

  1. Hi Miss M – hi 2M

    I love a good quote, so I will wade in with a comment. In this situation it seems to me the thing we value is knowledge & the technology associated with how you find it – on a printed page or a web page, as the thing that changes – is of secondary importance. I would still be thinking about that quote even if you just said it – no technology there at all!

    But I am playing on my iPad when I should be reading a book – merry Christmas 2M…


  2. Thanks Megan! I guess knowledge is like learning. So something we value is learning. Over time schools and teaching have changed. Technology has also changed they way we learn. But being able to learn is still really important.

  3. After being at the carols last night I could see some examples of things that we value that have stayed the same over time: family, friends, being able to say thank you and the importance of coming together to celebrate. These things all help us feel like we belong. Feeling like you belong is something that we all value.

    I also think singing and dancing are also things that bring people happiness.

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