Understanding more about numbers

This week to help us reach our numeracy goal (to understand more about numbers) we made ourselves a set of ARROW CARDS.  These place value cards are sometimes called Montessori cards.  They help us to understand that a number is made of digits that hold different values.  They also help us understand that 0 holds a value too.  This is really important!


You can make a set of Montessori cards at home if you like.  This template will help you understand 1, 2 and 3-digit numbers. Remember make the ones, tens and hundreds each a different colour (e.g. 2, 30, 500)


Or you could make yourself another set of arrow cards (the arrows help to make sure you overlap the digits correctly)


Or if you are really lucky and have a colour printer you could make yourself a fancy set of arrow cards

Arrow Cards

I wonder if you can teach mum or dad to use ARROW CARDS to make 2-digit numbers, 3-digit numbers or 4-digit numbers?