Mastermind – using a place value chart

One of our goals this term was to understand numbers better.  One strategy to help us achieve this goal was to start using place value charts to think about the digits that make up a number.  We have been practicing how a digit can hold a different value.  For example the 8 digit can be 800 in 846 or 80 in 387 or 8 in 238.  We have also been exploring different ways to think about a number – in words, modelling with base ten blocks (MAB) and extended form.  Another challenge has been to think about 10 more & 10 less and 100 more & 100 less.  It would be good to keep practicing some of these skills at home.

You could print out this activity page:  NumberoftheDay copy  We would love to see some filled in!

This week we have learned the game “Mastermind.”  This game helps us use a place value chart.  You can play this game at home.  Here are the instructions…


It has been a lot of fun learning more about how numbers work 🙂

What has been your favourite activity?


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