Preparing for the Sacrament of Reconciliation

This term many of the children in Year Two will, for the first time, participate in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  This Sacrament is all about making things right when we have made poor choices.  In the Sacrament we ask for God’s forgiveness.  We have to think about things we have done that have hurt others and be truly sorry for our actions.

To begin with we have talked about what a SACRAMENT is.  This clip helps explain it in simple terms:

Which Sacraments have you already celebrated?  Do you know someone who has celebrated more Sacraments than you – which ones have they celebrated?

Description Writing Update

Our focus in writing has continued to be on writing descriptions.  This week we read the book “The very blue thingamajig” by Narelle Oliver.

We loved this story and it was FULL of adjectives.  We then had ago at writing about our own thingamajig.  We were very proud of our writing!  I wonder who has an idea about what we could do with our drafts?

You might like to check out this website and make another thingamajig you could write about…

On Friday we then started creating some monsters.  We made a splodge monster (these can be seen hanging in our gallery) and a felt monster…

We have started making some monsters because our next writing project will be to write about a monster we have created.  I have a written a description of a monster.  Please read this description and draw what you think my monster looks like.  I wonder who will get the closest?

Miss Morse’s Monster Description

I will reveal my monster at the end of the week… Good luck with this challenge 🙂

Addition Challenges


Who can discover what happens when an odd number is added to an even number.  What happens when you add an even number to an even number? Or an odd number to an odd number?

1. Choose an odd and an even number and add them together.  Test this for at least 5 pairs of numbers.

2. Choose an odd and an odd number and add them together. Test this for at least 5 pairs of numbers.

3. Choose an even and an even number and add them together.  Test this for at least 5 pairs of numbers.

Record your results as a statement.  For example: When you add an even number to another even number you always get a….

Will it work with a bigger number?

You can answer these questions on the blog or bring your working out to class for me to check out 🙂

If you like a challenge, you might also like to visit this website and test out your problem solving skills (whilst practicing your addition skills)


Learning to write descriptions

To begin Term Two’s writing program we are learning to write literary descriptions.  To be able to do this we have to learn about nouns, adjectives, adverbs, proper nouns and pronouns.  In week one we have practiced stretching out sentences to make them more descriptive.

When we are writing it is important to use adjectives and adverbs so that the people who read our writing can picture what we are writing about.

On Friday we read the book “The very cranky bear” by Nick Bland

This is a story that has lots of adjectives and introduced us to adverbs.  We then created out own character to describe using a template.

Who can tell me what an adjective is?  What are some examples of adverbs?

We will display the characters we wrote about in class on our gallery wall outside our classroom…

You might like to use the template to create and describe more characters:

Create & Describe a character


Term Two Gospel Value: INCLUSION

This year we are being asked to make sure we are taking time to LISTEN FOR GOD’S VOICE in our eveyday lives.  When we listen for God’s voice we are taking time to think about the choices we make and thinking about what Jesus would do.  In Term Two our value to put into action is INCLUSION.

What does it mean to include people?  Who is it easy to include?  When it is hard to include people?  Why should we include people?  Who would Jesus want us to make sure we include?

During Easter we shared a special song about Jesus washing the feet of the disciples.  He did this to teach his followers to always serve each other and other people.  When we are including people we are making Jesus real and doing what he taught his disciples to do…

What can you do this term to show that you are a person who INCLUDES others?

Happy Holidays

I hope everyone has had a very restful holiday.  It feels like Easter Sunday was a long time ago.  I wonder what you and your family did to celebrate Easter?  It would be good to have a think about all the things you did over the holidays so you have lots to share with each other when we are back at school this week.

One day I had some friends over for lunch and I made them the yummy dips using the recipe from school.  My favourite was the hommus (I added a teaspoon of cumin) but my friends really liked the beetroot dip.  Who else has tried making the dips at home?  As we get ready to start Term Two don’t forget all the great things we learned about how to live well, play well and learn well.  I look forward to seeing everyone back at school ready to be super learners and this term super scientists 🙂

Social Justice in Lent

Each year as part of our almsgiving Lenten action, we raise money for Caritas through Project Compassion.  Throughout Lent we have had a Project Compassion box on our prayer table.  Each day different children have chosen to donate some of their money.  On the last Wednesday of term we had a whole fundraising day.  For a cold coin donation you could come to school dressed as a circus performer.  The idea was inspired by the story of Raymundo from Bolivia (—raymundo) Little Devils Circus School also generously donated some equipment that we got to have a turn with on the day (  Everyone had a great day supporting the wonderful work of Caritas.

Caritas Big Top Day from Miss M on Vimeo.

We had a big day…

On the Tuesday of the last week of Term Two we had a BIG day.  We started the morning with our school sports.  This was a lot of fun.  We did sprints and then a variety of tabloid sport events.  I think my favourite was the hurdles.  What was yours?

Then we had a special guest speaker.  In our inquiry learning we have been making discoveries about ways to Live well, Play well and Learn well. We have discovered that the food we choose to fuel our bodies is really important.  To make sure we had made the right discoveries we invited a dietician to come and talk to us.  She spoke about a lot of the things we had found out ourselves (we have been very clever!). The dietician talked a lot about limiting “sometimes” food to really only sometimes!  She also talked a lot about how WATER is the best drink. We then watched some quick and easy dips getting made.  Everyone got to have a taste.  It was like we were the judges on Masterchef! Which was your favourite dip?  Have you tried making them with your family?

Guest Speaker from Miss M on Vimeo.