We had a big day…

On the Tuesday of the last week of Term Two we had a BIG day.  We started the morning with our school sports.  This was a lot of fun.  We did sprints and then a variety of tabloid sport events.  I think my favourite was the hurdles.  What was yours?

Then we had a special guest speaker.  In our inquiry learning we have been making discoveries about ways to Live well, Play well and Learn well. We have discovered that the food we choose to fuel our bodies is really important.  To make sure we had made the right discoveries we invited a dietician to come and talk to us.  She spoke about a lot of the things we had found out ourselves (we have been very clever!). The dietician talked a lot about limiting “sometimes” food to really only sometimes!  She also talked a lot about how WATER is the best drink. We then watched some quick and easy dips getting made.  Everyone got to have a taste.  It was like we were the judges on Masterchef! Which was your favourite dip?  Have you tried making them with your family?

Guest Speaker from Miss M on Vimeo.

3 thoughts on “We had a big day…

  1. I sure did Jae. This was a great day for everyone in Year Two. We are just having so much fun learning together 🙂

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