Term Two Gospel Value: INCLUSION

This year we are being asked to make sure we are taking time to LISTEN FOR GOD’S VOICE in our eveyday lives.  When we listen for God’s voice we are taking time to think about the choices we make and thinking about what Jesus would do.  In Term Two our value to put into action is INCLUSION.

What does it mean to include people?  Who is it easy to include?  When it is hard to include people?  Why should we include people?  Who would Jesus want us to make sure we include?

During Easter we shared a special song about Jesus washing the feet of the disciples.  He did this to teach his followers to always serve each other and other people.  When we are including people we are making Jesus real and doing what he taught his disciples to do…

What can you do this term to show that you are a person who INCLUDES others?

Happy Holidays

I hope everyone has had a very restful holiday.  It feels like Easter Sunday was a long time ago.  I wonder what you and your family did to celebrate Easter?  It would be good to have a think about all the things you did over the holidays so you have lots to share with each other when we are back at school this week.

One day I had some friends over for lunch and I made them the yummy dips using the recipe from school.  My favourite was the hommus (I added a teaspoon of cumin) but my friends really liked the beetroot dip.  Who else has tried making the dips at home?  As we get ready to start Term Two don’t forget all the great things we learned about how to live well, play well and learn well.  I look forward to seeing everyone back at school ready to be super learners and this term super scientists 🙂