Description Writing Update

Our focus in writing has continued to be on writing descriptions.  This week we read the book “The very blue thingamajig” by Narelle Oliver.

We loved this story and it was FULL of adjectives.  We then had ago at writing about our own thingamajig.  We were very proud of our writing!  I wonder who has an idea about what we could do with our drafts?

You might like to check out this website and make another thingamajig you could write about…

On Friday we then started creating some monsters.  We made a splodge monster (these can be seen hanging in our gallery) and a felt monster…

We have started making some monsters because our next writing project will be to write about a monster we have created.  I have a written a description of a monster.  Please read this description and draw what you think my monster looks like.  I wonder who will get the closest?

Miss Morse’s Monster Description

I will reveal my monster at the end of the week… Good luck with this challenge 🙂

20 thoughts on “Description Writing Update

  1. Hi Henry,

    Thanks for checking out the blog! I can’t wait to see your drawing…

    Miss Morse 🙂

  2. Hi Miss Morse, I made a monster disguised as a flower. I will bring it in tomorrow.

  3. Hi miss Morse.The writing is fantastic! I love them. I am so very proud of my work. I have made a monster picture and done the maths challenge. I will bring them in tomorrow. see ya tomorrow miss Morse. Jamie

  4. I have drawn the monster that you wrote about. I can’t wait to bring it in tomorrow

  5. Hi Miss Morse. I have made a monster and I will bring it to school. I hope you like it.

  6. Thanks Jamie, Olivia and Jonah. I am looking forward to seeing your monster drawings at school. Great blogging !

  7. I will make a monster tonight and I will bring it in to school tomorrow. Jack. T

  8. Good work Bella, Jack and Laetitia! I am so excited to see all the monsters. Ava you have become a monster drawing expert! Have fun…

  9. Hi Miss M, I have done 2 pictures of monsters for you. I did one on the computer and the other I drew with textas. I can’t wait to show them to you in the morning. See you tomorrow. Jasmine

  10. Tanya and Jasmine I look forward to seeing your drawings. I hope you read the description really carefully…

  11. I am so excited to read all these wonderful responses to the monster drawing blog. Your enthusiasm is fabulous. 2M sounds like a lot of fun. Keep up the great work.

  12. Dear Irene,

    Thank you for sending us a mesage! We are excited about the monster drawings beacuse Miss M told us it was a competition. It has been awesome fun writing and reading about monsters. Keep checking out the blog to see some of our drawings.

    Thank you and have a really great day,
    from 2M

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