An Exploration of MEASUREMENT

This week we are beginning an exploration into different ways to MEASURE.

Today we investigated CAPACITY.  Capacity is the measuring of how much a container can hold.  When we measure capacity we have to give our measurement a name.  A measurement always has a name.  For example you can not just say the container holds 3.  You would need to say it holds 3 cups or 3 spoons or 3 handfuls.  It is also important that the container is filled.  When we measure there are to be NO GAPS.

Can you find some containers at home that have different capacities?  Can you order them from largest to smallest?

Today we explored AREA.  Area is the measurement of the size a surface takes up.  It is usually measured in square units.  We measured the area of a book cover using square tiles.  This showed that we could measure with NO GAPS and NO OVERLAPS.  We then created our own robots on a grid paper and counted the squares to fin the area of its body and parts.

5 thoughts on “An Exploration of MEASUREMENT

  1. I loved doing the science activity. I do not know much about science. Thanks for doing science with me. It makes me feel happy. It is great fun. but I wonder how science works?

  2. Thanks for the feedback Charlotte! I am excited about us all learning more about science.

  3. Hi Miss M,
    The measuring you did while I was at home seems really fun. I wish I was there. Could we go back to that day?
    Love Jamie xxx

  4. Sorry we can’t Jamie but you could have a go at home. We had to use a sheet of paper to make a container with an opening and then used a small cup to see how much it woud take to fill our container.

  5. Hi Miss M, I liked when we measured the books and the containers. I wonder how much our drink bottles can hold?

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