The Curiosity Show has begun…

This term our inquiry learning is focusing on the concept of CHANGE.  We are exploring CHANGE by being SCIENTISTS.  On Tuesday we had an incursion at school.  ALL the Year Two teachers changed into SCIENTISTS and shared with us their favourite science experiments.  We had to make OBSERVATIONS.  We had to LIST materials. We had to THINK about what HAD changed and what had CAUSED the change.

What was your favourite experiment?  What were some things the teachers talked to you about the importance of being SAFE when doing experiments?

Today we had a SCIENCE MYSTERY PILE.  On the floor there were a lot of different items.  Everyone had to pick up and item and describe what it had to do with science, how it could be used in an experiemnt or a wondering they had about.

Have another look at the photo at home.  What else can you see that you can explain your thinking about? Do you have any science books at home that might help us turn some of our SCIENCE wonderings into discoveries?  If you do bring them to share with everyone…

Stay tuned for a slide show about our incursion day…

Miss M made a tea bag rocket…

Tea Bag Rocket

What were the safety instructions about this experiment?

Glow Stick – it’s very quick!

15 thoughts on “The Curiosity Show has begun…

  1. My mum uses science at her work every day. She works with lots of different chemicals. She uses all the same safety equipment we used.

  2. I think everyone is pretty excited about learning more about SCIENCE. Olivia that is great to know. We might need to ask your mum some questions about science as we continue on with our Curiosity show.

  3. Hi Miss Morse,
    The science we did on Tuesday was super fun. I loved yours because I loved how the tea bag went flying in the air. Well i really loved them all. They were all really good.
    love Jamie.

  4. Hi Miss M. I enjoyed the science. I loved talking about things of do with science. I also know why scientists need a science suit. It is so they can protect themselves.

  5. Who knows what the science suit is called? There are still some questions to answer on this post…

  6. Tuesday was amazing watching the teachers doing the experiments. The blue light was fun because we got to make glow stick but it was in a cup.

  7. I like science but I am not very good at it Miss M! Maybe I might try some on the weekend. Laetitia

  8. Tuesday was a lot of fun and I am looking forward to us all doing more experiments and learning about science together

  9. My favourite experiment was Miss Morse’ Tea bag experiment because at the end the tea bag lifted off the surface and floated upwards and turned into ashes.

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