The big reveal…

All week students have been reading a description of a monster I wrote.  They drew what they thought my monster looked like.  Here’s what their drawings looked like (make sure you watch to the end to see what the real monster looks like).

4 thoughts on “The big reveal…

  1. I liked your monster and it was funny! I never thought it would look like that.

  2. Hi Miss Morse,
    The competition was exciting it would be hard to find out who’s monster is the closest to yours.
    Love Jamie xxx

  3. Hi Miss M and 2M
    Looks like you are all having so much fun learning and discovering new things this year. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog and following your learning. Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing more updates.
    Great job

  4. Wow, so many amazing monsters. I think they all look fantastic.

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